Hi! I'm Nina! I'm a user experience researcher and designer.

I want to spend my life finding and solving problems, making meaningful connections with others, and using technology and design to make our lives delightfully simple and enjoyable.

I want your life to be better because you’ve used, seen, or experienced something I've designed. The best interfaces and experiences are an extension of your natural inclinations – they fit so well that you don’t realize they’re not part of you. Or even better, they make you smile! I strive to create intuitive meaning often visible in human interactions, but rarely in our conversations with technology.

But hey, don't just take my word for it:

"I would highly recommend Nina Elias for a User Experience position. I mentored Nina in her internship at T-Mobile during the summer of 2012. Throughout her internship on the UX team here at T-Mobile, Nina was enthusiastic, eager to learn, and always delivered high quality, timely, and actionable deliverables. She has a vast knowledge of user research methods from the classroom as well as practical experience in the field. She has a high energy, a desire to learn, and an eagerness to tackle any projects she is given. Nina can communicate effectively with user research participants and as well as communicate complex research findings to stakeholders both written and verbally. Nina's work and overall presence were a huge asset to the T-Mobile UX team during her internship and her work on several projects contributed to several important business initiatives. If there were an opportunity, I would love to work with Nina again."

Andrea Lindeman
Senior User Experience Researcher

"As a Research Intern at TechSmith, Nina worked with cross-functional teams to execute a variety of research projects. In her role, she cultivated skills around leadership and project management. She also displayed an amazing ability to use her design and communication skills to creatively and effectively share research results and domain knowledge across our company. Nina's energy, motivation, and skills would be a valuable asset on any team."

Casey Wright
User Experience Researcher

I just had my first couple run ins with Nina and wanted to say she really surprised me. The slides had really nice decoration and content… if that was all her, or even partially, I found myself really surprised when I found out she was an intern. She ran the presentation really well, so much so I would prefer her to just do my part during my [upcoming] presentation. The piece that pushed me over the edge was a really nice, thought out, organized, and data driven response to a couple of questions I asked at the end of the meeting. I had forgot I had asked, and I get an email nicely detailing all of the questions and their answers. Once again, raised my intern expectations.

TechSmith Software Developer
Received via e-mail from UX Manager after a presentation

Nina was a great team member to work with as we worked towards shaping ITEC into a successful non-profit organization. We all fed off of her big energy and great ideas. Her enthusiasm showed in her superior work and her dedication to succeed in every task at hand. Nina's ability to think "outside of the box," and use all of the resources she could get her hands on was a great asset to our team.

Jessica Hoffman
Via LinkedIn recommendation